The governing structure of the Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Church is Canonical AND Hierarchical – ruled by Bishops who govern according to Canon Law. Our Code of Canon Law which established the Communion and governs all particular Churches of the Communion, was unanimously adopted on November 9, 2017 by the holy Synod in Chicago. Everyone in Sacred Ministry, formation, and Religious Life, vows to be governed by this Code of Canon Law, and nobody acting alone can change it, and no one, regardless of title or position, is above that law.

Our hierarchy consists of the College of Bishops – men consecrated for this Ministry in valid Apostolic Succession. Each of these Bishops serves as Ordinary of a Diocese, a specific area that typically includes mission territory. From these, some are elected to office as presider and judge of a larger territory, which carries with it the title of Archbishop with a descriptive such as Primus or Metropolitan. These higher titles pertain to offices for a term not a lifetime and nobody is exempt from the oversight of the College of Bishops and the Synods of Clergy and Laypeople.

Code of Canon Law of 2017

The Primus

The holy Synod consisting of both the Episcopal College and the Convocation of Clergy, elect from among the Provincial Metropolitans the “Primus” (inter pares) i.e. the “first among equals”. It is the privilege of the Primus to chair the Episcopal College, the holy Synod and the Primatial Council; the Primus enjoys no other privilege than being accorded first in honour among his colleagues.

Metropolitan of Europe, Africa & Asia

Metropolitan Jerome OSJV of Selsey
Archiepiscopus Metropolitanus Seleisi

The Most Revd Jerome Lloyd OSJV DD FRSA
Archbishop of Selsey, Metropolitan of Europe, Asia & Africa
Primus of the Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Communion
Servant Superior of the Congregation of the Divine Charity
Provost of the Oratory of St John Vianney (OSJV)

Each Provincial Synod elects from among the eligible bishops within the Province, a Metropolitan Archbishop who chairs the Provincial Synod, and represents the Province to the Primatial Council.

Metropolitan of the Americas & the Pacific

Metropolitan David of Louisiana
Archiepiscopus Metropolitanus Ludoviciana

The Most Revd David Persyn DD
Diocesan Bishop of Louisiana
Metropolitan of the Americas

Provincial Chancellor: Dr Thomas Oliver

Other Ordinaries

Diocese of Wisconsin

The Most Revd Charles Walders DD
Archiepiscopus Metropolitanus Visconsinia
(Metropolitanus Emeritus)

Diocesan Bishop, Emeritus Archbishop

Diocese of Chicago

The Very Revd Monsignor Nioclás Ó Ceallaigh OSF
Vicar Capitular

Diocese of Chicago

The Very Revd Monsignor Félix Ben Castilla
Vicar Capitular

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