ORDO December 2017

A “Directory” or “Ordo recitandi” printed each year for the use of all the clergy consists of a calendar for the year, in which there are printed against each day concise directions concerning the Office and Mass to be said on that day. The calendar is usually provided with some indication of fast days, special indulgences, days of devotion, and other items of information which it may be convenient for the clergy to be reminded of as they occur.

In accord with the decisions of the holy Synod at Chicago in November, the Office of the Primus has issued an Ordo for the month of December. The Ordo was sent to clergy prior to the beginning of the new liturgical year, the First Sunday of Advent. The Ordo is based upon the Kalendar published by Archbishop A H Mathew (memory eternal) in “The Old Catholic Missal & Ritual” of 1909. However, the holy Synod reaffirmed the intention made at the joint holy Synod at Brighton in 2014 to research and review the Kalendar regarding the addition of later (newer) feasts of saints. A consultation exercise will begin in the new year within the Provinces, dioceses and religious congregations also to reform local Kalendars.

ORDO Kalendarium Decembris 2017

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