ORDO January 2018

The Ordo is based upon the Kalendar published by Archbishop A H Mathew (memory eternal) in “The Old Catholic Missal & Ritual” of 1909. A consultation exercise begins now in the new year within the Provinces, dioceses and religious congregations to reform local Kalendars.

Anniversaries in January
08 Consecration of Abp. Thatcher, 5th Abp ORCGB. (1982)

Chantry for January
02 + Emile F Rodriguez y Fairfield (2005)
02 + Wilfrid Andrew Barrington Evans (1971)
07 +Patrick Herbert King (2014)
11 + Carmel Henry Carfora (1958)
22 + Frederick L. Pyman (1993)
24 + Geoffrey P.T.P. King (1991)
28 +James Hubert Rogers (1991)

ORDO Kalendarium Ianuarius 2018

Epiphany Blessings for the blessing of homes, chalk, gold, frankincense and myrrh

Blessing of Epiphany Water the traditional form of blessing Epiphany water

Vigil of the Epiphany people’s missalette for the Mass liturgy

Feast of the Epiphany people’s missalette for the Mass liturgy

The Liturgy of Candlemas people’s missalette for the blessing of candles, procession and Mass

St Blaise Blessings the ritual and form for blessing candles and throats on the feast of St Blaise

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