ORDO March 2018

The Ordo is based upon the Kalendar published by Archbishop A H Mathew (memory eternal) in “The Old Catholic Missal & Ritual” of 1909. Clearly the Kalendar devised by Archbishop Mathew was naturally at the time intended for use in Great Britain alone, containing local and regional feasts of Saints. It’s the intention of the Episcopal College that a General Kalendar would be most beneficial for the Church at this time, while regional kalendars are developed. Thus this month’s Ordo reflects primarily the “Universal” kalendar for the wider Church with the regional feasts for Great Britain given in parenthesis.

A link is given below for the Memoriale Rituum which gives the simplified rubrics for the liturgies of the Sacrum Triduum.

Anniversaries in March
08 Birthday of Father David (Dave) Bradley CSJV
21 Passing of +Denis St. Pierre (1993)

ORDO Kalendarium Martius 2018

Memoriale Rituum

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