Paschal joy!

The Americas: We are delighted to announce the reception of four missions in Mexico into the Province of the Americas & Pacific Rim together with their pastors Padre Abelardo Ochoa Perez and Padre Manuel Abrego Gutierrez. Desiring to be in communion with the historic and authentically Orthodox continuation of the Old Roman Catholic Church, the pastors and faithful of Mexico are pleased to gain first-hand experience of the pastoral and canonical solicitude our Communion practices. Under the benevolent aegis of Metropolitan David and the prudence of the Provincial Chancellor, Dr Thomas Oliver, the Missions look forward to an impending episcopal visitation and to fellowship with fellow Orthodox Catholics in a truly international communion. Responding to news of the reception, the Primus said,

Metropolitan Jerome, Primus

“It is with anticipatory Paschal joy that in the throes of Our Lord’s Passion during the Sacrum Triduum we receive these faithful pastors and their people into communion. They have suffered much with and for The Lord in their pilgrimage of faith and we warmly welcome them to a safe-haven with true shepherds rather than wolves. May their Paschal joy be replete with us this Easter!”  

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