Axios! Paschal Deacons!

The Americas: Easter Saturday 2018 (April 7th) was a joyous occasion in the Province of the Americas & Pacific Rim as Brother Thomas Gierke OSF and Brother Jamie Alaniz OSF were ordained Deacons by Letters Dimissiorial for the Franciscan Order within the Congregation of the Divine Charity by His Excellency, Metropolitan David of Louisiana. The ordination rite took place during holy Mass for Easter Saturday in the Oratory of St Sulpice, Denham Springs with Monsignor Nioclás Ó Ceallaigh OSF of Chicago assisting and Monsignor Félix Ben Castilla from Cuba in attendance. Brother Jamie proclaimed the Gospel of the Mass after which Metropolitan David preached in his homily on the indelible imprint of the diaconate upon the souls of the newly ordained deacons and their vocation in the Sacred Ministry as one of service.

Metropolitan David ordains Brother Jamie a deacon

Brothers Tom and Jamie are professed friars of the Missionary Franciscans of Christ the King based in Chicago and currently assist at the parochial mission of St Anne’s. Brother Tom took as his ordination patron St Stephen, one of the first deacons of the Christian Church and the first Christian martyr of the Apostolic era. Brother Jamie took St Lawrence of Rome as his ordination patron, who was one of the seven deacons of the city of Rome under Pope St Sixtus II who were martyred in the persecution of the Christians that the Roman Emperor Valerian ordered in 258AD. The dedication and commitment even to death of both sainted deacons to the Christ and the Faith were what inspired and motivated the friars’ choice.

Metropolitan David ordains Brother Tom OSF a deacon

The friars were ordained Subdeacons last November during holy Synod and are scheduled to be ordained Priests on October 7th in Chicago later this year by His Grace the Primus, Metropolitan Jerome OSJV of Selsey, as Servant Superior of the Congregation of the Divine Charity who will travel from the United Kingdom for the liturgy. Of your charity please pray for these two new holy deacons as they begin their ministry of service in the Church of Christ and prepare for ordination to the sacred priesthood.

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