Every diocese and local church of the Communion is to have guidance and training for the control and monitoring of safeguarding vulnerable people and child protection. Such guidance may depend on the legal requirements of nation states and government policies. However, the following are given as general principles to be observed by all jurisdictions associated with the Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Communion:

  1. Any suspicion of inappropriate behaviour i.e. suspected sexual abuse of vulnerable people or children by any person associated with the Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Communion is to be reported to the Civil legal authorities e.g. Police.
  2. Anybody suspected of inappropriate behaviour associated with the Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Communion must cease all activity connected with the Communion; if a cleric, they incur automatic suspension from office, pending the completion of the investigation by the Civil legal authority.
  3. Anybody found guilty of inappropriate behaviour by a Civil legal authority and subject to the sentence/determination of the Court, will be forbidden from any further association with the Communion and if a cleric, will incur automatic excommunication, forfeiture of any ecclesiastical office, degradation of holy Order reducing them to the lay state and be declared “vitandus”.
  4. No Ordinary exercising jurisdiction in the Communion is permitted to provide any form of rehabilitation nor facilitation for guilty clerics to be returned to the clerical state, nor be appointed to ecclesiastical office, similarly for any convicted lay person to be appointed to a position of trust nor responsibility within a jurisdiction.

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