Metropolitan David visits Europe

The Americas: Metropolitan David of Louisiana  visited France accompanying American War Veterans for a three week tour visiting monuments in the care of the American Battle Monuments Commission (ABMC) for the Memorial Day and Centenary events commemorating the participation of American forces in the Great War (WWI 1914-18). His Grace, who holds rank of Lieutenant Colonel, is a former United States Marine,  Mississippi State Guard (MSSG) Chaplain, and the XO (Executive Officer) of the MSSG’s Third Brigade; he currently serves as the G-3 Training Officer on the General Staff. He is also a Chaplain for the Jefferson Parish Sheriff’s Department. His Grace attended the Centenary Parade featuring the United States Secretary of the Navy, the Honourable Richard V. Spencer and offered a Requiem Mass at the Chapel of the Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial, Belleau Wood.

L-R Metropolitan David in uniform with the Commandant of the United States Marine Corps at Aisne-Marne American Cemetery and Memorial, Belleau Wood; offering the Requiem at the monument’s Chapel; with Metropolitan Jerome at Rudyard Kipling’s House.

After Metropolitan David’s tour de France he took the opportunity to visit England on his return journey to the United States via Dublin and spent time with the faithful and pastor of the Brighton Oratory, Metropolitan Jerome. His Grace attended Mass at the Brighton Chapel and assisted Metropolitan Jerome in his weekly culinary activity cooking for the homeless at The Hub Drop In co-hosted by the Salvation Army. Metropolitan David helped with the prep’, served teas and coffees to the guests and helped the regular volunteers serve lunch. Fortunately it was a quieter day than usual (sixty rather than ninety guests) so that His Grace could enjoy sitting down to eat his well-earned lunch and chat with a British Veteran!  

Metropolitan David’s visit to The Hub

Metropolitan David also visited London and enjoyed lunch a tour of some of the City Churches with Canon Andrew Scurr. It was a rare opportunity for the two Metropolitan’s to socialise together too without a formal or official event to otherwise preoccupy the time. They visited local sites of interest and enjoyed meals hosted by the faithful of the Brighton Oratory and even by a couple of local Christians, Michael and his wife who introduced themselves and insisted on paying for the meal that their Graces enjoyed as their last supper together!

Michael and his wife with the Metropolitans

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