New vocations video published

On the feast of St Pius I, Bishop & Martyr of Rome, the Office of the Primus in conjunction with Latin Orthodox Films released a new vocations video, “Vocare” featuring clergy and faithful exclusively from the Communion. Images include clergy and faithful in South and North America and Europe featuring various ways in which the clergy today are serving the faithful of Jesus Christ in Latin (Western) Orthodoxy.

Latin Orthodox Films is a new film company established by the Communion to promote knowledge and awareness of Western Rite Orthodoxy within the context of authentic Old Roman Catholicism as the continuation of Latin Rite Christianity as it was lived in the West before the 19C. Films featuring the lived experience, history and teachings of Latin Orthodoxy will be produced exposing the living and continuous tradition that embodies the Communion’s very reason for existence.

Both clergy and faithful alike are warmly encouraged to distribute the video as widely as possible so that as many souls that are being called (“vocare”) by God to the Sacred Ministry may find their way to the Communion and thus authentic Catholic tradition and the Orthodox faith.

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