L.O.N. News channel launched!

L.O.N. aka “Latin Orthodox News” has been launched by the Office of the Primus to increase and widen the Communion’s dissemination of news and information to aid evangelism. The initiative intends to provide information media resources for enquirers to the Communion and provide interesting and engaging ways to interact with the Church both locally and globally.

Programing has already begun with the regular Daily Mass and Homily broadcasts from the UK added to the Channel’s page. Aside from News bulletins, announcements and news from within the Communion, the channel will also programme Special Features like interviews, biographies and historical documentaries as well as catechetical programmes and information about the life and ministry of the Church around the Communion.

Contributions from local churches e.g. photos, news, announcements of events, even film are warmly encouraged and may be sent via email here. Similarly ideas of content and programming would also be welcome. Key to the success of the initiative is that the content i.e. the videos are spread often and widely, particularly across social media e.g. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snap Chat etc. This will help make our Communion, it’s mission, our people, our life and our work better known around the world!

Click on the video below for the first episode and visit the channel…

Watch our first Special Feature about artist and member of the Church, Shirley Veater…

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