Episcopal Consecration

The Holy Synod of the Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Communion
announces with joy the

according to the ancient Rite of the
Pontificale Romanum by The Primus

His Grace, Metropolitan Jerome of Selsey
assisted by
Metropolitan David of Louisiana &
Metropolitan Charles of Wisconsin

The Most Reverend
Nioclás Kelly OSF

as Titular Bishop of Movilla
& Diocesan Ordinary of Chicago

Sunday 14th October 3pm
Feast of St Callistus I of Rome
Bishop & Martyr
in the Gregorian Rite
offered by The Primus

Organist: Mr. Charles Sega
Schola Director: Mr Kevin Allen
Church of the Atonement
5749 North Kenmore Avenue
Chicago, IL 60660

Receptiona reception will follow the service in the Montgomery Hall, please indicate your intention to attend for catering purposes.

ClergyClerics, Religious and Seminarians are invited to robe in Choir, please RSVP below to receive further details ref vesting, precedence, etc.

Faithfulattendance at this Mass will fulfil one’s Sunday obligation.


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