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Europe: Sunday 26th August, Father Aivar Pahk of Pärnu, Estonia was incardinated into the Terra Mariana (Land of Mary) Diocese of the Province by Metropolitan Jerome. Fr Pahk, formerly of the Catholic Charismatic Church petitioned for himself and on behalf of his congregation to join the Province, desiring an orthodox Christian fellowship after changes in the CCC making their continuance in that jurisdiction untenable.

Pärnu (Estonian pronunciation: [ˈpærˑnu]; German: Pernau) is the fourth-largest city in Estonia. Located in southwestern Estonia on the coast of Pärnu Bay, an inlet of the Gulf of Livonia in the Baltic Sea. It is a popular summer holiday resort with many hotels, restaurants, and large beaches. The Pärnu River flows through the city and drains into the Gulf of Riga. The city is served by Pärnu Airport.

Fr Pahk has begun instructing his congregation in the Traditional Western Rite and gathering resources to adapt their chapel for Orthodox worship. Fr Pahk was fortunate to have been ordained in a valid Apostolic Succession derived from the Old Roman Catholic Church enabling his incardination to be effective expediently. The mission also has a candidate for holy Orders and will be establishing another mission in the country’s capital, Tallinn very soon. Of your charity please pray for Fr Pahk and the faithful of Estonia as they seek solace and fellowship in the Apostolic faith within the Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Communion.

Europe: Also on Sunday 26th August, Canon Andrew Scurr, formerly of the Brighton Oratory (UK) was received into the Diocese of the United Kingdom of the Anglican Catholic Church during a ceremony in the Pro-Cathedral of St Augustine, Painters Forstal in Kent. Canon Scurr, who was appointed a Canon Theologian by Metropolitan Jerome earlier in the year, has agreed to be an “ecumenical visitor” to the Formation Faculty of the Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Communion continuing to contribute his own experience of formation and theological study.

Close ties over many years between the Dioceses of the Old Roman Catholic Church and the Anglican Catholic Church in the United Kingdom enabled Fr Scurr’s transfer of jurisdiction which was effortlessly facilitated by all parties concerned. A willingness on the part of Metropolitan Jerome to facilitate and enable Fr Scurr to develop and fulfil his priesthood pastorally, and the need by Bishop Damien for a co-worker to assist several congregations, made the transfer an equitable accommodation for all.

Metropolitan Jerome phrased his thoughts about the transfer and relationship between the two jurisdictions thus, “At the end of the day we’re all about serving The Lord – when it comes to the cure of souls, “sides” don’t matter but “teams” do and I firmly believe we’re all basically on the same team!” Of your charity please pray for Fr Scurr and the ongoing development of his vocation and for the cordial relationship between the two Dioceses and their bishops, Bishop Damien and Metropolitan Jerome. At a time when the need for orthodox Christians to witness within our society is so great, any effort to present a unified and faithful witness is to be encouraged and supported. Laudetur Iesus Christus!

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