Metropolitan quoted in article about the homeless in Brighton


The impact of the financial crisis on the city of Brighton and Hove was highlighted today in a feature article by Sussex newspaper “The Argus”. The Brighton Oratory has been volunteering with the Salvation Army Homeless dropin on Wednesdays since it started two years ago. Msgr Lloyd was interviewed on Wednesday together with the Salvation Army officers and ecumenical volunteers about the increase in attendance at the Homeless project. Msgr Lloyd was quoted:

“In the last six months the people coming here has gone from being more or less people living on the streets or squatters through to now where people who lost their jobs and are finding it difficult to make ends meet, and ended up homeless.

“We have had various stories. “There was a chap whose job was working in a burger shop and had a flat upstairs. When the shop closed he lost his flat and his job in one go and was living in a tent in Preston Park.

“We have had young mothers as well, who bring their children in during half term or the school holidays – the children are fed at school but when it’s closed they struggle to feed them.”

The article included interviews from both the statutory and voluntary sector and highlighted the significant increase in demand on the various shelters and food stations across the city.

The Argus “Brighton and Hove in grip of poverty crisis” published. 26/10/12
Read more about the Homeless drop-in here “More soup your Grace?

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