Discernment Videos

Metropolitan Jerome of Selsey has recorded a series of conferences regarding vocational discernment that anyone intentionally seeking God’s will for their life will find of interest. Though intended and delivered primarily for and within the context of a parochial catechism class, the fundamental principles regarding God’s will for all people and for the individual are clearly explained.

Beginning with the basic principle that God intends as many as possible “to know, love, serve and be happy” with Him, Metropolitan Jerome goes on progressively through the series explaining the “why and how” of personal vocational discernment. He discusses seeking God’s will “in the present moment, in the present time and for the future” with anecdotes and personal reflections as well as references to great spiritual authorities throughout the ages of Christianity.

The series is currently ongoing but all the videos are presented in the playlist below and will automatically be updated as the conferences progress. In the first four episodes, His Grace presents his own particular insights and reflections and from the fifth onwards will introduce those of notable Saints and others both historical and contemporary. The conferences are given on Saturday mornings and broadcast live via The Brighton Oratory’s Facebook page from 10am BST(/GMT)

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