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ORDO w/c Sunday 15th September 2019 Vol I Issue iii


(W) Missa “Stabat juxta”
d.ii2a) XIV Post Pentecost
3a) S. Nicomedus Martyr
Gl. Cr. Pref.BVM
M16.9SS. Cornelius & Cyprian
Bishops & Martyrs
(R) Missa “Intret”
s.2a) S Euphemia
3a) SS Lucia & Geminianus 
Gl. Pref.Common
T17.9Stigmata of St Francis
(W) Missa “Mihi autem”
d.Gl. Pref.Common
W18.9St Joseph of Cupertino C.
(W) Missa “Salve sancta”
d.2a) com. Embertide
Gl. Pref.Common
T19.9St Januarius, Bishop &
Companion Martyrs
(R) Missa “Salus autem”
d.Gl. Pref.Common
F20.9St Eustachius, Martyr &
Companion Martyrs

(R) Missa “Sapientian”
d.2a) com. Embertide
3a) Vigil of St Matthew
Gl. Pref.Common
(R) Missa “Ego autem…”
d.ii2a) com. Embertide
Gl. Cr. Pref.Apostles
S22.9St Thomas of Villanova
(W) Missa “Statuit”
d.2a) XV Post Pentecost
3a) St Maurice & Co. Mm
Gl. Cr. Pref.Trinity

KEY: A=Abbot A cunctis=of the Saints B=Bishop BVM=Blessed Virgin Mary C=Confessor Com=Commemoration Cr=Creed D=Doctor d=double d.i/ii=double of the 1st/2nd Class E=Evangelist F=Feria Gl=Gloria gr.d=greater-double (G)=Green H=Holy K=King M=Martyr Mm=Martyrs Pent=Pentecost P=Priest Pref=Preface ProEccl=for the Church (R)=Red s=simple s-d=semi-double Co=Companions V1=1st Vespers V=Virgin v=votive (V)=violet (W)=white *Ob.=Obligation2a=second oration 3a=third oration


… to this third edition of “The Old Roman” a weekly dissemination of news, views and information for and from around the world reflecting the experience and life of 21C “Old Romans” i.e. western Orthodox Catholics across the globe.
CONTRIBUTIONS… news items, magazine, devotional or theological articles, prayer requests, features about apostolates and parish mission life are ALL welcome and may be submitted via email. Submissions should be sent by Friday for publication the following Sunday.

The Old Roman VIEW…

During the week following the feast of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross the September days of Ember, traditional days of fasting and thanksgiving for the harvest, are also customary days for praying for vocations to the Sacred Ministry. The four Embertides of the four seasons of the year have long been observed by all the faithful, not just the clergy, as a time for asking God to send more labourer’s for the tending and harvesting of souls in the garden of the world.
In last week’s issue of The Old Roman we shared something of a model for church planting that the Province in Europe is currently using to good effect. The Oratory Model of foundational oratories and focused centralised administration to cover wider geographical areas has the benefit of being able to include the lay faithful in the development of new missions. As the Primus’s recent series on Vocational Discernment has emphasised, everyone born into the world has a vocation from God to know Him, love Him, serve Him and be with Him and every Christian is called to facilitate and enable the realisation of that calling for all others.
Every Old Roman can be actively engaged in identifying and creating opportunities for all types of vocation to be realised, from religious vocations through to marriage, all it requires is a willingness to share the Gospel and manifest it in one’s own life. A generosity of spirit and a willingness to engage with others, recognise and seize opportunities as they appear – God is always inviting us to serve Him! New ministries, new apostolates, new ways of interacting with others can all be realised where we are, for God has purpose for every moment of our lives, in every circumstance and in every environment – nowhere cannot be reached by Him where a Christians is willing to serve Him.
We are delighted to share the news in this week’s The Old Roman of a new seminarian for the Diocese of Chicago and we understand that inquiries to explore and discern vocations to the Sacred Ministry are growing through this website. But as wonderful and as necessary as it is to have Sacred Ministers to serve, it is as important to remember and to pray for the realisation in others of that common vocation to all humanity, for everyone to realise the purpose and God’s will for their lives.

FEATURE – The See of Movilla

Bishop Nioclás Kelly OSF of Chicago recently visited his homeland of Ireland and had been updating his Facebook daily with postings of his travels. From visiting places of his childhood and education through to places of beauty and historic interest, it is clear from His Excellency’s photographic journal that this visitation was something of a pilgrimage.

Consecrated last year in October as bishop for Chicago and the diocese of the North-West, Bishop Kelly took the See of Movilla from his native Ireland as his titular title. Movilla Abbey in Newtownards, County Down, Northern Ireland, is believed to have been one of Ulster’s and Ireland’s most important monasteries. Founded in 540 by St. Finnian (d. 579) under the patronage of the King of the Dál Fiatach.It survived as a place of Christian witness for over a thousand years, until the Dissolution of the Monasteries in 1542. Nothing visible remains today of Finnian’s Celtic Abbey. What ruins still standing are those of the (15th Century) Augustinian church.
The Abbey’s reputation was enhanced by virtue of the fact it had a complete copy of the Bible (the Latin Vulgate Bible), which Finnian had obtained from Rome. At the time, it was the only complete copy of the Bible in the whole of Ireland, and served to enhance Movilla’s reputation nationally, as a unique centre of learning. In addition to being a Christian centre of prayer, learning and mission, Movilla was known for its flourishing work in crafts, particularly bronze and glass. Movilla’s most famous student was St. Columba, a pupil of Finnian’s. Columba became a deacon while at Movilla and is said to have performed his first miracle there, turning water into wine for the Eucharist.
In the early eighth century, the bishop at Movilla was Colman, son of Murchu, who wrote a hymn to St. Michael the Archangel. It begins:
“In Trinitate spes mea fixa non in omine
Et archangelum deprecor Michaelem nomine”

(In the Trinity my hope is fixed not in an omen,
And the archangel I beseech, Michael by name).

It is from these lines that His Excellency takes his Episcopal motto – “In Trinitate spes mea fixa”

FOCUS – meet an Old Roman!

Every week meet individuals, faithful or clergy from around the Communion! This week…

Breandán Magee

On Sunday, September 15th 2019 during Pontifical Low Mass at the Franciscan Friary offered by Bishop Nioclás OSF, Breandán Magee entered into the clerical state receiving the Tonsure and incardination into the Diocese of Chicago as a seminarian.
Breandán, a native of Belfast, Ireland, works as a Senior Director of Programs for an immigration and advocacy group in Chicago, and attends St Anne’s Old Roman Catholic parish mission in the city. He holds a Master’s degree in Public Policy Analysis from Duquesne University, Pittsburgh and is fluent in Spanish and French. Prior to moving to Chicago he had lived and worked in Madrid, Spain and Seoul, South Korea.
Some photos below of the ceremony of Tonsuring and admittance into the Clerical state during the Mass. Please pray for Breandán and all those discerning God’s will for their lives this Embertide.


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One of the greatest impediments to evangelism in the 21C is not the ignorance of non-believers, but of believers! Catechism Classes are currently ongoing around the Communion for all levels of students, those exploring or converting to the faith, those being brought up in the faith and those preparing to be Baptised/Confirmed in the faith.
BACOOR (Philippines) the Mission Parish of Jesus the Divine Mercy offers a catechetical Mass for children on Sunday’s from 10am.
BRIGHTON (UK) the Brighton Oratory holds Catechism Conferences on Saturday mornings for those wishing to deepen and better understand their faith, from 10am following coffee and fellowship after the 0830 Mass.
CHICAGO (USA) the Mission Parish of St Anne‘s is holding classes for explorers and converts on Wednesday evenings at the Church of the Atonement from 7.30pm.

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