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ORDO w/c Sunday 13th October 2019 Vol I Issue vii

S13.10 XVIII Post Pentecost
(G) Missa “Da pacem” 
Or (& in Europe…
S. Edward the Confessor*
(W) Missa “Os justi”

2a) S. Edward
3a) A Cunctis
Gl. Cr. Pref.Trinity  
2a) XVIII Post Pentecost
Gl. Cr. Pref.Trinity PLG
M14.10S. Callistus of Rome Bp&C
(R) Missa “Sacerdotes” 
d.[Anniversary +Nioclas**] 
Gl. Pref.Common
T15.10S. Teresa of Avila V.
(W) Missa “Dilexisti”
d.Gl. Pref.Common
W16.10Our Lady of Purity
(W) Missa “Salve” [mpal]
g.d Gl. Cr. Pref.BVM
T17.10S. Hedwig W.
(W) Missa “Cognovi”
d.Gl. Pref.Common
F18.10S. Luke the Evangelist
(R) Missa “Mihi autem”
d.iiGl. Cr. Pref.Apostles
S19.10S. Peter of Alacantara C.
(W) Missa “Justus”
d.Gl. Pref.Common
S20.10 XIX Post Pentecost
(G) Missa “Salus populi” 
or… (& in UK)
Octave Day S. Edward
(W) Missa “Os justi” 

2a) S. Edward 
3a) A Cunctis
Gl. Cr. Pref.Trinity
2a) XIX Post Pentecost
Gl. Cr. Pref.Trinity PLG

KEY: A=Abbot A cunctis=of the Saints B=Bishop BD=Benedicamus Domino BVM=Blessed Virgin Mary C=Confessor Com=Commemoration Cr=Creed D=Doctor d=double d.i/ii=double of the 1st/2nd Class E=Evangelist F=Feria Gl=Gloria gr.d=greater-double (G)=Green H=Holy K=King M=Martyr mpal=missae pro aliquibus locis Mm=Martyrs Pent=Pentecost P=Priest PLG=Proper Last Gospel Pref=Preface ProEccl=for the Church (R)=Red s=simple s-d=semi-double Co=Companions V1=1st Vespers V=Virgin v=votive (V)=violet W=Widow (W)=white *Ob.=Obligation 2a=second oration 3a=third oration

*UK: commemoration of the Octave of St Edward K&C throughout the week including next Sunday. Brighton: commemoration also of the Octave of St Wilfrid of York, co-patron of the Mission with the Octave day on Saturday.
**Chicago 14/10: the anniversary of the episcopal consecration of +Nioclas of Movilla, Diocesan Ordinary, additional collect at Mass from “Mass on the anniversary of an episcopal election/consecration”.
***All: after commemoration of the XIX Sunday Post Pentecost, commemorate the Octave day of St Edward.

AD MULTOS ANNOS to Bishop Nioclas Kelly on the first anniversary of his episcopal consecration as Titular Bishop of Movilla and Diocesan Ordinary of Chicago, Monday 14th October.


… to this seventh edition of “The Old Roman” a weekly dissemination of news, views and information for and from around the world reflecting the experience and life of 21C “Old Romans” i.e. western Orthodox Catholics across the globe.
CONTRIBUTIONS… news items, magazine, devotional or theological articles, prayer requests, features about apostolates and parish mission life are ALL welcome and may be submitted via email. Submissions should be sent by Friday for publication the following Sunday.

The Old Roman VIEW…

“Is the Pope a Catholic?” This is the question Old Romans have been asking for almost two hundred years and as the VIEW noted last week, is a question many in communion with Rome are no longer certain of the answer to either. To paraphrase the Confucian proverb, we are living in interesting times!

Since the last edition of The Old Roman events in Rome have leapt apace… the orchestrators of the Amazonian Synod have betrayed their intention to synthesise Catholicism with paganism through syncretism and the ordination of women, and the Pope has been accused by an atheist of being a heretic!

As we discussed in the VIEW last week, the events of the past week were somewhat predictable. What was surprising, was the immediate response and reactions to them as they evolved. The conservative Catholic press have been quick off the mark to respond to each revelation and employing modern media well, they have kept the world abreast of developments with some alacrity. Indeed, as shocking as some of the developments have been, the “traditionalists” are relishing the proof and veracity of their predictions.

Since the beginning of his pontificate, Pope Francis has been persistent in his propensity for the unexpected! Whether he was complicit in the antagonistic pagan ceremony of a week ago last Friday in the Vatican Gardens or not, such could only have taken place with his express consent and though he may argue that he did not technically “preside” over the bizarre liturgy when a pagan goddess, Pachamama was venerated, yet as the “Ordinary of ordinaries” his mere presence lent gravitas and responsibility to the proceedings. But more shocking even than the possibility of Papal apostasy was the revelation by atheist and progressive Italian La Repubblica journalist, Eugenio Scalfari.

Scalfari who is known for his atheism, his age (95), and for his penchant for reconstructing interviews from memory rather than from recordings or notes, claims the Pope denied the divinity of Christ while on earth, quote, “Jesus of Nazareth, once he became a man, though a man of exceptional virtues, was not a God at all.” (“Sono la prova provata che Gesù di Nazareth una volta diventato uomo, sia pure un uomo di eccezionali virtù, non era affatto un Dio.”) It took several hours for the Vatican Press Office to respond, but rather than issue a definite denouncement of Scalfari with a clarifying profession of orthodox faith from the Pope, two circumlocutory statements of questionable semantics suggested only that what was reported wasn’t a verbatim transcript of the Pope’s words! Either Pope Francis denied the divinity of Our Lord in his conversations with Scalfari — which would amount to heresy and apostasy — or he did not. The lack of clarification suggests an obvious conclusion. Is the Pope a Catholic?

During the Amazonian Synod this past week we have heard bishops propose the ordination of women and learned that at least four women in the region are already in formation for the diaconate. We’ve also learned that indigenous tribes in the Amazon still practice infanticide but the Synod suggests the Church must learn from, not question the practices of the native peoples. All this aside from the financial scandal embroiling the Secretary of State, Cardinal Parolin and others concerning the misuse of Peter’s Pence, the discretionary globally collected fund for the Pope to use at his discretion for charitable projects.

ALL OF THIS in just a week! As awful as all of this is however, we must be grateful that as Old Romans, it does not affect us! Furthermore, it just proves that the stance our forbears took for sacred Tradition despite estrangement from Rome, and our own resilience since, was wholly justified. God in His mercy has enabled a way for contemporary Romans now realising the errors of recent history, to find a safe haven from the satanic infestation blighting the current institution. ALL of the evidence above should be persuasive enough to explain to others why we are Old Romans and why they should be too…

An Old Catholic procession in The Hague

An Old Roman – Gerard Groote

“An Old Roman” is a weekly look at significant Old Romans in Church history…

Gerard Groote was born at Deventer in the Netherlands in 1340. His father was a prosperous merchant who saw that his son received a superior education. Beginning at age fifteen, Groote pursued formal studies first at Aachen and then at the Sorbonne in Paris where he studied medicine, theology, and canon law.

Groote completed his studies in 1358. Now both a cleric and doctor of theology, he served as a lecturer in Prague and Cologne. His academic income was supplemented by property in Deventer left to him by his father. He settled back in Deventer where he was appointed teacher at the Deventer chapter school in 1362.

In 1366, Groote was commissioned by the burghers of Deventer to represent them on official—and secret—business with the Pope Urban V at Avignon. Here he pressed for and received an appointment as canon for the cathedral church at Aachen. Upon his return from Avignon, Groote settled in Cologne where he led a life of luxury funded by his academic and ecclesiastical appointment. In 1371, he obtained as additional appointment as a prebendary at the cathedral church of Utrecht.

The exact cause for Groote’s conversion of life is not known. However, in 1374, he took seriously ill. About the same time, a fellow academic, Henry de Calcar, the venerable prior of the Monnikenhuizen Charterhouse near Arnhem, remonstrated Groote for the vanity of his opulent living. What is known is that following these two events, Groote transformed from an ambitious worldling into the committed disciple of Christ as befit his clerical station. Groote established a shelter for poor women at his family house in Deventer, whilst he resigned his profitable church offices and took up residency with the Carthusians.

In 1379, Groote pursued an apostolate of preaching throughout the Diocese of Utrecht. The Bishop of Utrecht strongly supported Groote’s efforts. He encouraged him to preach against concubinage to the Utrecht clergy gathered in synod. Groote became known for the strength of his sermons that where equally critical clerical and lay sins alike. His words were so indicting of the laxity and abuses amongst the clergy that they provoked vicious resentment. Some corrupt clergy brought false accusations of heterodoxy against him.

Groote is best remembered as the organiser of the Brethren of Common Life. His preaching and personal ascetism has attracted a following of young men around him. Towards the very end of his life, Groote and his chief disciple, Floris Radewyns, established at Zwolle the Brethren of the Common Life as an apostolate of Christian men in service to personal sanctification and service to others. The members lived a common life without vows. The great fruit of the Brethren of Common Life was the development of the Devotio Moderna. This spiritual movement emphasized holiness through prayer and spiritual devotions. This was a spirituality appealing to clergy, consecrated religious, and laity.

Groote died at Deventer on August 20, 1384. Whilst attending to plague victims, he contracted and succumbed to this pestilence. Soon after his death, the Brethren of the Common Life as well as parallel female communities multiplied throughout the Netherlands and beyond.

FEATURE – Old Roman religious life

If you are interested in exploring religious life as an Old Roman, why not visit the CDC pages for more information…

The Oratory of St John Vianney

The Oratory of St John Vianney is an international fraternity of Sacred Ministers and laymen, who have chosen to share their commitment to and love of Jesus Christ together following the particular spirituality of St John Vianney (known as the Curé d’Ars) and St Philip Neri (founder of the Congregation of Oratorians) in a bond of perfect charity i.e. without vows.

The Oratorians of St John Vianney seek to promote the Sacred Ministry (of deacons, priests and bishops) to the Church at large and to the world, as a fulfilling and worthy way of life through the joy and witness of our own lives. The Oratorians hope that through the simple witness of our own lives in our local communities and Churches, those whom God may be calling to the Sacred Ministry will feel inspired and encouraged to draw near.

A vocation to the Oratory of St John Vianney is a desire to sanctify one’s life through, together and with the brethren of the Oratory. The Oratorian vocation is a simple one; to sanctify one’s life in, through and with Christ; to serve Christ in, through and with His Church and to sanctify the life of others… in, through and with Christ!

The vocation of an Oratorian may be lived wherever he lives and serves. Oratorians live and work in their own homes and communities, or as regular Clergy in the service of their particular Church. The Oratorian vocation is not to ‘come out’ of their particular Church but rather to enhance their service and ministry within it for the greater glory of God and of the whole Church Catholic. Lay-brothers of the Oratory may live their vocation as married men, as fathers, or as chaste or celibate men in their ordinary homes and work places supporting the work of the Church in their locality.

Every Christian is called to holiness… An Oratorian on admission to the fraternity makes a promise to convert his inner life that he may ably sanctify the life of others he is called to serve. This follows the example of St John Vianney whose concentration on his own spiritual life and person brought others to recognise in him especially through his pastoral ministry the purpose and existence of God in their own lives.

For more information about the Oratory of St John Vianney visit their website

FOCUS – meet an Old Roman!

Every week meet individuals, faithful or clergy from around the Communion! This week…

Children’s ministry in Cuba

In Cuba, approximately 10% of the population lives below the poverty-line. However, even poor Cubans still have access to basic services such as healthcare, education, clean water etc. The lingering economic crisis, emigration, and teachers’ meagre salaries though have led to a critical shortage of educators in primary and secondary schools throughout Cuba, with schools severely understaffed. Private remedial instruction is on the rise, as are private schools that teach English and other supplemental skills. Some children, in accordance with family custom, must work. In rural areas, children have to help their families with farm work or housework, so it’s more difficult for rural children to pay as much attention to their studies throughout the day and into the night. This has can have a negative impact, be it physical or psychological, on the lives and mentality of children.

The Santa María de las Vegas Nuevas Saturday School for kids is located in Camino de Vegas Nuevas on the outskirts of Santa Clara. The volunteer staff strive to provide a free supplementary education for children from a variety of impoverished homes both from the shanty town on the city outskirts and the poor from the surrounding countryside. The children are the sons and daughters of cheap prostitutes, peddlers, excavators (those who rummage in the municipal garbage dump to recycle raw materials), smugglers and agricultural workers without farms (poorly paid) who are forced to alternate their jobs with skulduggery and economically criminal activities e.g. the Black Market and worse.

With high priority given in the State schools to literacy and numeracy there is nothing in the limited budget left for extracurricular activities nor arts or creative projects. The Saturday School provides a place where poorer kids can be assisted with their education, have an alternative activity than slave-work and a safe place to play and be creative, free to express themselves, their hopes and their dreams.

The Santa María de las Vegas Nuevas Saturday School is currently sponsored by the faithful of The Brighton Oratory (UK) whose monthly collection is wired by Western Union every month and covers the cost of rent for the venue and something of the materials used by the children e.g. paper, pencils, crayons etc.

Of course, the ministry to these children is not just about supplementing what they aren’t taught at school, but equipping them also with the skills for life. The Catechism Classes (above) provide both a spiritual and moral framework for the children that in this Communist run country, may continue to push the recognition and necessity for religious freedom in Cuba as a positive contribution to society. It is the hope of the catechists and educators that these children will be able to shape Cuba’s future positively by themselves being enabled to break free from their current circumstances with hope and ambition for a fairer society inspired by their own witness and faith in Christ.


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One of the greatest impediments to evangelism in the 21C is not the ignorance of non-believers, but of believers! Catechism Classes are currently ongoing around the Communion for all levels of students, those exploring or converting to the faith, those being brought up in the faith and those preparing to be Baptised/Confirmed in the faith.

BACOOR (Philippines) the Mission Parish of Jesus the Divine Mercy offers a catechetical Mass for children on Sunday’s from 10am.

BRIGHTON (UK) the Brighton Oratory holds Catechism Conferences on Saturday mornings for those wishing to deepen and better understand their faith, from 10am following coffee and fellowship after the 0830 Mass.

CHICAGO (USA) the Mission Parish of St Anne‘s is holding classes for explorers and converts contact Fr Thomas Gierke OSF for more information [contact details below].

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PHILIPPINESBacoor Parish of Jesus the Divine Mercy, Copper St. Platinum Ville, San Nicolas III, Bacoor, Province of Cavite

1000Mass & Children’s Catechesis
1st Wed’s1900Mass & O.L. of Perpetual Succour Devotions
1st Frids’1900Mass & Sacred Heart Devotions

PHILIPPINES, Lagunas Parish of San Isidro Labrador, Dita, Sta. Rosa

1st Wed’s1900Mass & O.L. Perpetual Succour Devotions
1st Fri’s1900Mass & Sacred Heart Devotions


UK, Brighton The Brighton Oratory of SS Cuthman & Wilfrid, 1-6 Park Crescent Terrace, Brighton BN2 3HD Telephone +44 7423 074517

Sundays0830Mass & homily
& Daily1000Breaking fast
Wed’s1730Holy Hour & Benediction
Sat’s0830Mass & homily
1000Catechism Conference

UK, Bristol The Little Oratory of Our Lady of Walsingham with Saint Francis, 11 The Primroses, Hartcliffe, Bristol, BS13 0BG

Sundays1030Sermon & Holy Communion


USA, Chicago IL Parish Mission of St Anne, Church of the Atonement, 5749 North Kenmore Avenue, Chicago, IL 60660 Telephone: (773) 817 – 5818

Sundays1800Mass & homily (2nd of the month)
Wed’s1930Catechism & Reception Class

USA, Chicago IL Missionary Franciscans of Christ the King, The Friary


USA, Glendale AZ St. Joseph’s Glendale AZ. Contact address: 7800 N 55th Ave Unit 102162 Glendale AZ 85301 Telephone +1 310 995 3126


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