During Pontifical Mass in the Chapel of Our Lady of Hope in the Mother House of the Oratory of St John Vianney on the feast of St Catherine, Virgin and Martyr, Sunday 25th November 2012, His Grace the Metropolitan of Europe, Archbishop Jerome Lloyd OSJV, assisted by His Grace Archbishop Douglas Lewins [ORCC GB] consecrated to the Episcopate, Msgr Martin Charlesworth to the Titular See of Dummoc-ceastre and Msgr Jonas Maria Röggla to the Titular See of Brixinensis-Antiquitatis, to serve initially as auxiliary bishops in the Province of Europe. Msgr Charlesworth will serve initially in the Archdiocese of Great Britain with particular responsibility for the North, based in Leeds and  Msgr Röggla will serve in northern Italy as Episcopal Vicar, in 2013, Msgr Charlesworth will transfer to Hungary and the Diocese of Haemus to serve as Episcopal Vicar. The lengthy liturgy was broadcast live for the benefit of the faithful, family and friends of the Consecrandi across the Province.


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