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… to this twenty-third edition of “The Old Roman” a weekly dissemination of news, views and information for and from around the world reflecting the experience and life of 21C “Old Romans” i.e. western Orthodox Catholics across the globe.
CONTRIBUTIONS… news items, magazine, devotional or theological articles, prayer requests, features about apostolates and parish mission life are ALL welcome and may be submitted via email. Submissions should be sent by Friday for publication the following Sunday.

ORDO w/c Sunday 9th February 2020 Vol I issue xxiii

Com. St Cyril of Alexandria D&B
 St Apollonia V&M
(V) Missa “Circumdederunt me”
2a) St Cyril
3a) St Apollonia

M10.02St Scholastica V
(W) Missa “Dilexisti”  
T11.02St Gilbert of Sempringham B&C
(W) Missa “Statuit”  
W12.02Seven Holy Founders O.S.M.
(W) Missa “Justi decantaverunt”  
T13.02Feria of Septuagesima
(V) Missa “Circumdederunt me”  
s.d2a) of Saints
3a) Pro.Eccles
F14.02St Valentine, Priest & Martyr
(R) Missa “In virtute”  
s.2a) of Saints
3a) Pro.Eccles
S15.02SS Faustinus & Jovita, Martyrs
(R) Missa “Salus autem”  
s.2a) of Saints
3a) Pro.Eccles
(V) Missa “Exsurge”
s.d2a) of Saints
3a) Pro.Eccles

KEY: A=Abbot A cunctis=of the Saints B=Bishop BD=Benedicamus Domino BVM=Blessed Virgin Mary C=Confessor Com=Commemoration Cr=Creed D=Doctor d=double d.i/ii=double of the 1st/2nd Class E=Evangelist F=Feria Gl=Gloria gr.d=greater-double (G)=Green H=Holy K=King M=Martyr mpal=missae pro aliquibus locis Mm=Martyrs Pent=Pentecost P=Priest PP/PostPent=Post Pentecost PLG=Proper Last Gospel Pref=Preface ProEccl=for the Church (R)=Red s=simple s-d=semi-double Co=Companions V1=1st Vespers V=Virgin v=votive (V)=violet W=Widow (W)=white *Ob.=Obligation 2a=second oration 3a=third oration

Ritual Notes

From Septuagesima in the Traditional Roman Rite liturgy, the Alleluia ceases to be said during the liturgy. At first Vespers of Septuagesima Sunday, two alleluias are added to the closing verse of Benedicamus Domino and its response, Deo gratias, as during the Easter Octave, and, starting at Compline, it is no longer used until Easter.
Likewise, violet vestments are worn, except on feasts, from Septuagesima Sunday until Holy Thursday. As during Advent and Lent, the Gloria and Te Deum are no longer said on Sundays


Our liturgical preparation for Easter takes place through three distinct periods or steps. The first is the Gesimas. In the traditional liturgical Church Year, this Sunday and the two following are known as “gesima” Sundays, and the three Sunday period we are now in, is known as pre-Lent. These three Sundays before Lent are mainly focused on the grace of God and examine that grace from three perspectives:
Septuagesima (meaning “about 70 days”) Grace is undeserved.
The collect for this Sunday implores God to graciously hear us, who are justly punished for our sin, so that we may be delivered by His goodness. The goodness of God is emphasised in the parable of the vineyard workers in the day’s Gospel, Matthew 20:1-16. All the labourers receive the reward because of the goodness of the landowner and not because of their own labour or merit. We prepare for Easter by remembering that is good and Christ has borne the heat and burden of the day for us so that we might have that goodness for free.
Sexagesima (meaning “about 60 days”) Grace is passively received.
In the collect for this Sunday we pray that God would see that we put not our trust in anything that we do and that He would mercifully defend us by His power. The parable of the sower is read as the Gospel from Luke 8:4-15. The seed of God’s Word is passively received. It transforms bad soil into good and noble hearts. We pray that this would happen this also to and for us.
Quinquagesima (meaning “about 50 days”) Grace is not easily understood.
On the Sunday before Ash Wednesday we hear in the Gospel, Luke 18:34, Jesus predict His passion, death, and resurrection. We also hear that the disciples “understood none of these things: and this saying was hid from them, neither knew they the things which were spoken (34).” We pray then that God would be gracious and patient with us and grant faith and understanding to us despite our many sins.
The three Gesima Sundays take on the character of Lent. This grace-focused season provides a gradual progression and gentle easing into the more intense ceremonies and denials of the other two periods/steps Lent and Passiontide (Holy Week).

Episcopal Consecration

Pictured above, the episcopal consecration of Bishop Joash Jaime as auxiliary bishop in the missionary diocese of the Philippines at Candlemas during the visitation of the Primus to the country Jan 27-Feb 10 2020. A special edition of The Old Roman will be published shortly detailing the visit of the Primus and events during his visit including the consecration.

Of your charity…

For health & well-being…

Christopher, Lyn B, Simon G, Dagmar B, Karen, Debbie G, Fr Graham F, Fr Stephen D, Heather & Susanna L-D, Finley G, Diane C, Pat, Paul, +Rommel B, Penny E, Colin R, John, Ronald, Fr Gerard H, Lilian & family, Ruth L, David G, David P, Patrick H, Debbie G, Karen K, Fr Graham F, S&A, Dave G, +Charles of Wisconsin, +Tissier, Fr Terrence M, +Guo Xijin, +John P, Karl R-W, Fr Antonio Benedetto OSB, Fr Kristopher M & family, Mark Coggan, Ounissa, Ronald Buczek, Rik C, Adrian & Joan Kelly, Juanita Alaniz & family, Shirley V,

For those vocationally discerning…

James, Breandán, Manuel, Vincent, Darren, Akos, Roger, James, Adrian, Carlos, Thomas, Yordanis, Nicholas, Tyler, Micha, Michael,

For the recently departed…

Lauretta (21.01.19), Clive Reed (23.01.19), Fr John Wright (24.01.19), Shelley Luben (11.12.18), Mick Howells (13.12.18), Daniel Callaghan (13.02.19), Alfie (Hub guest), Père Pierre Fournier (08.02.19), Jill Lewis (24.02.19), Cynthia Sharpe Conger (28.02.19), Richard (Ricky) Belmonte, Fr Leo Cameron OSA (29.03.19), Fr John Corbett (30.03.19), Deacon Richard Mulholland (Easter Day), Peter, Bernard Brown (27.06.19), Peter Ellis (01.08.19), Petronila Antonio (10.09.19), Fr Mark Spring (13.09.19), Jean Marchant (15.09.19), Mary Kelly (15.10.19), John Pender (23.10.19), David Cole, Pauline White, Fr Graham Francis

For those who mourn…

Barbara R & family, Brenda W & family, Joseph S, Catherine L & family, Rev George C & family, Jean C, Margaret & Bonita C, Debbie M & family, Phil E & Family, Adrian Kelly & family, Fr Nicholas Pnematicatos & family, Fr Andrew White & family, Richard Cole & family, the Francis Family

Daily Missal

To accompany your worship why not invest in a St Andrew’s Daily Missal that contains ALL the Propers for ALL the Masses offered throughout the year?
The St Andrew’s Daily Missal also contains historical commentary and footnotes on the Feast days, devotions, prayers of preparation for before and after Mass as well as the Ordinary of the Mass and Propers for Vespers for Sundays and major Feast days throughout the year in Latin and in English. It also contains forms for Morning and Evening Prayer, Benediction of the Blessed Sacrament and Compline. It really is a treasury of devotion!

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Mass Centre Directory

If you would like your mission’s Mass times and other activities included here just submit details via email.


PHILIPPINESBacoor Parish of Jesus the Divine Mercy, Copper St. Platinum Ville, San Nicolas III, Bacoor, Province of Cavite

1000Mass & Children’s Catechesis
1st Wed’s1900Mass & O.L. of Perpetual Succour Devotions
1st Frids’1900Mass & Sacred Heart Devotions

PHILIPPINES, Lagunas Parish of San Isidro Labrador, Dita, Sta. Rosa

1st Wed’s1900Mass & O.L. Perpetual Succour Devotions
1st Fri’s1900Mass & Sacred Heart Devotions


UK, Brighton The Brighton Oratory of SS Cuthman & Wilfrid, 1-6 Park Crescent Terrace, Brighton BN2 3HD Telephone +44 7423 074517

Sundays0830Mass & homily
& Daily1000Breaking fast
Wed’s1730Holy Hour & Benediction
Sat’s0830Mass & homily
1000Catechism Conference

UK, Bristol The Little Oratory of Our Lady of Walsingham with Saint Francis, 11 The Primroses, Hartcliffe, Bristol, BS13 0BG

Sundays1030Sermon & Holy Communion


USA, Chicago IL Parish Mission of St Anne, Church of the Atonement, 5749 North Kenmore Avenue, Chicago, IL 60660 Telephone: (773) 817 – 5818

Sundays1800Mass & homily (2nd of the month)
Wed’s1930Catechism & Reception Class

USA, Chicago IL Missionary Franciscans of Christ the King, The Friary


USA, Glendale AZ St. Joseph’s Glendale AZ. Contact address: 7800 N 55th Ave Unit 102162 Glendale AZ 85301 Telephone +1 310 995 3126


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