NEW Vocations series

How are Old Roman vocations to the Sacred Ministry discerned, formed and realised? If you are discerning a vocation to the Sacred Ministry and are considering exploring the possibility of realising your vocation as an Old Roman or transferring your discernment, this is the programme for you!

6.15pm UK (BST); 7.15pm EU (CEST); 10.15am PDT; 11.15am MDT; 12.15pm CDT; 1.15pm CLT; 8.15pm IDT; 7.15pm EET; 8.15am HDT; 3.15am AEST.

The entire series will be available in the window above and may be viewed live or recorded.

Though primarily focused on discerning vocations to the Sacred Ministry and the religious/consecrated life, the series will include discussion and reflection on vocational discernment in general.

Questions are welcome and may be sent in advance to receive an answer on air with anonymity assured:

We recommend for those interested in the spiritual discernment of Christian vocation, this catechetical series recorded last year:

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