OLD ROMAN TV launched

“The Old Roman” is delighted to announce the launch of Old Roman TV a new media apostolate conceived to support members of the Church in sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ in an ever-changing communications environment. 
Old Roman TV was conceived from an impromptu response to the COVID19 pandemic to provide interesting distractions for the faithful in lock-down, really as an extension of the Daily Mass Online apostolate. As ideas and concepts grew so the nature of programmes became more purposeful, interviews with Old Roman clergy internationally responding to the crisis, catechetical, enquirer and vocational discernment programmes.
Now approaching the first anniversary of The Old Roman weekly e-bulletin, Old Roman TV‘s delighted to announce our summer schedule and some new programmes currently in production to be released in the coming months.

Old Roman TV Benefactor Subscription
£10.00 per month (approx’ $12.50 or €11.00)For this modest monthly donation become an ORtv benefactor and receive invitations to premiered programmes and online special events!

Old Roman TV and The Old Roman are not free to produce. Though the considerable hours to conceive, edit produce and broadcast programmes and bulletins are given voluntarily, there are some monthly costs involved ref web platform subscriptions etc for hosting channels as well as professional software for producing the published content. Please prayerfully consider becoming an ORtv Benefactor today and help defray the costs currently born by only a few faithful souls. A larger number of regular subscribers would not only cover costs but enable even more programmes and aid our mission to spread the Faith!


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Timings are BST (British Summer Time) or GMT+1

The following are currently being broadcast – just click on the picture to go to view the latest episode and the playlist of previous episodes…

Current Programmes

broadcast LIVE everyday
broadcast LIVE every Monday
broadcast LIVE every Wednesday
broadcast LIVE every Friday
– only available to view on Facebook
broadcast LIVE every Friday

Old Roman TV has been delighted to receive much positive feedback for the content and programming we’ve produced so far and know our audiences will appreciate future offerings we have in concept and production stage now (see below). From prospective vocations, general enquirers and Catholic faithful looking for authentic Tradition and teaching, the response to Old Roman TV has been a source of inspiration for all involved. Thanks to the internet and social media, Old Romans across the globe have enjoyed being able to pray, learn and study together despite lockdown and the many hundreds and thousands of miles between us all! 

A short series of interviews with Old Roman clergy in the UK and USA discussing their ministry and the impact and response to the COVID19 pandemic


Complimenting the currently running series of “Late Night Catechism”…
“Contra mundum” (against the world) will consider the practical ways in which Catholic Christians in the 21C may live an authentic Faith in the midst of a chaotic world just as their forbears did in the days of Imperial Rome. How can orthodox Catholics remain steadfast and faithful, keeping their heads when all around are losing theirs? When is it right to make a stand for the Truth and how can we do so in a way that will enable others to see and to recognise it for themselves? What can we learn from history to ensure our fidelity in the present will allow Catholics in the future to receive the same Faith we have…?
Presenting the wisdom of the Saints and applying their principles to contemporary scenarios, “Contra mundum” will provide answers to some of the most pressing and controversial situations that 21C Catholic Christians find themselves having to negotiate in today’s world.

Why are we called “Old” Romans? Despite persecution from within and without the Church… for two centuries the Old Roman tradition, the authentic continuation of the Catholic Church in the West has persisted. Despite the machinations and manipulations by nefarious infiltrators, veritable wolves in sheep’s clothing trying to usurp the sacred power to fulfil their own self-interests and fashion a saviour in their own image… Old Romans still exist today!  
This documentary series will explain the history of Old Romanism from its origins in the Netherlands and the doctrinal stance it subsequently maintained despite and in spite of the obrogation of Pius IX. “Eternal Rome” will demonstrate how Old Romans by remaining faithful to primitive Catholic Tradition have preserved, perhaps unwittingly, the authentic remnant of “Eternal Rome” into the 21C.

This new programme will take a retrospective look at the lives of some of the most popular and well known Saints.
So often our introduction to the Saints is limited to their artistic portrayal… how they are depicted in art, stained glass, icons or statuary, prayer cards or paintings. Our appreciation of the Saints is often limited to the hagiographies, florid or reverential biographies detailing their worth as extraordinary human beings but perhaps obfuscating an appreciation for their real life heroic virtues and efforts for the Faith. 
Saints Alive will peel away the symbolic iconography and artistic representations to reveal the reality of their existence. The programme will explore the times they lived in, the social and political context, what everyday living was like and what impact their witness and testimony made during and immediately after their lifetimes. 

Other exciting programmes are in the conceptual and developmental stage too e.g. daily Rosary recitation, guided Lectio Divina, content for young people and an art history series on religious painting and iconography. Stay tuned to ORtv to learn and discover more over the coming months!


Your suggestions
If you have an idea for a programme or a suggestion for one, or if you would be interested to produce a programme yourself or in partnership with ORtv, then please do be in touch!


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