R.I.P. Dom Klaus Schlapps OPR

copy_of_abt_klaus-TrauerHis Grace the Metropolitan, Archbishop Jerome Lloyd OSJV conveyed the prayers and sympathies of the whole Province of Europe and the Old Roman Catholic Church Latin Rite to the community of St Severin’s Abbey and the Order of Port Royal in response to the announcement of the Abbot’s sudden death, His Excellency Dom Klaus Schlapps OPR on Sunday, 20th January. His Grace and Dom Klaus had known each other for some years and were close collaborators together in the defence of orthodox Old (Roman) Catholicism in the European continent and for more professionalism in the “independent” sacramental movement. Dom Klaus had also once acted in a private capacity as a “Visitor” for the Oratory of St John Vianney and was a supporter of its aims and objectives as an ecumenical fraternity of Sacred Ministers.

It was with Dom Klaus (himself a Bishop) that as Vicar General, Msgr Lloyd had looked into the possibility of the ORCCE entering into communion with the Utrecht Union as Dom Klaus had taken the Order of Port Royal into re-union. But not long after OPR had reunited with Utrecht the Union rejected utterly any orthodox position re the ordination of women as Sacred Ministers and the celebration of same-gender marriages forcing all member jurisdictions to “accept” the ministry of women and the validity of any type of marriage irrespective of their beliefs. The Order of Port Royal soon left the Utrecht Union together with the Old Catholic Church of British Columbia, the Old Catholic Church of Slovakia and the Polish National Catholic Church and a disaster was avoided for the ORCCE! Dom Klaus eventually united the Order of Port Royal with the Nordic Catholic Church in the new Union of Scranton with the Polish National Catholic Church.

The Metropolitan urges all Clergy of the Province to remember Dom Klaus and the Order of Port Royal in their prayers and at their Altars as expediently as possible.

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