THE OLD ROMAN Vol. II Issue VIII W/C 25th October 2020

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The Patronage of the Blessed Virgin Mary


  • ORDO w/c Sunday 25th October 2020
  • THE LITURGICAL YEAR Sunday XXI Post Pentecost
  • SUNDAY MASS PROPERS Feast of the Patronage of Mary & XXI Post Pentecost 
  • On SS Simon & Jude, Apostles – Bishop Richard Challoner
  • A SERMON FOR The Patronage of Mary and Sunday XXI Post Pentecost – Revd Dr Robert Wilson PhD
  • THIS WEEK’S FEASTS…  SS Chrysanthus & Daria, St John of Beverley, St Evaristus of Rome, SS Simon & Jude, St Narcissus of Jerusalem, Blessed Martyrs of Douai, Vigil of All Saints


  • Update Info Links
  • Policy Document
  • Supporting those in isolation
  • Staying in touch
  • Advice for those self-isolating
  • Practical advice for staying at home
  • VIDEO Bi-vocation and COVID19


Voices from around the Communion on “Coronavirus impact” and “The Old Roman”

  • How to worship online – Metropolitan Jerome of Selsey
  • Schedule of Old Roman worship broadcasts
  • Old Roman TV Broadcast Schedule


  • VIDEO The glories of Mary
  • VIDEO Celebrating the month of the Holy Rosary
  • VIDEO Tom Holland & AC Grayling • History: Did Christianity give us our human values?
  • VIDEO Allegro from Widor’s 6th Organ Symphony + Operating 350hp Snowcats — The Redneck Organist
  • VIDEO Crisis Series #2 with Fr. Wiseman: Origins – Nominalism & Luther
  • VIDEO Finding Vigano: Interview with Dr. Robert Moynihan
  • ARTICLE Rosary Guild taking orders…
  • ARTICLE How to pray the Rosary
  • VIDEO New Eucharistic Prayers: False history, hippie theology – Revd Anthony Cedaka
  • VIDEO Fr Cedaka talks Holy Week with Pius XII
  • VIDEO The once and future Roman Rite – Dr Kwasniewski
  • ARTICLE Old Roman Catholicism in the history of the Church Chapter XI
  • VIDEO Contra Mundum
  • VIDEO Old Romans Unscripted
  • VIDEO Late Night Catechism
  • VIDEO “Wondering bishop”
  • VIDEO Old Roman Vocations 
  • VIDEO Catholic Unscripted 

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