THE OLD ROMAN Vol. II Issue XII W/C 22nd November 2020

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Contra Mundum: Semen est sanguis – latest episode
The Feast of St Cecilia


  • ORDO w/c Sunday 22nd November 2020
  • THE LITURGICAL YEAR Sunday XXIV & Ultimate Post Pentecost
  • TODAY’s FEAST St Cecilia
  • SUNDAY MASS PROPERS St Cecilia & XXIV & Ultimate Post Pentecost 
  • On the means we all have to become saints – Bishop Richard Challoner
  • A SERMON FOR St Cecilia & Sunday XXIV & Ultimate Post Pentecost – Revd Dr Robert Wilson PhD
  • THIS WEEK’S FEASTS…  St Cecilia of Rome, St Clement I of Rome, St John of the Cross, St Catherine of Alexandria, St Sylvester of Osimo, St Peter of Alexandria, St Gregory Thaumaturgus, Vigil of St Andrew


  • Update Info Links
  • Policy Document
  • Supporting those in isolation
  • Staying in touch
  • Advice for those self-isolating
  • Practical advice for staying at home
  • VIDEO Bi-vocation and COVID19


  • Blessings in the Philippines
  • How to worship online – Metropolitan Jerome of Selsey
  • Schedule of Old Roman worship broadcasts
  • Old Roman TV Broadcast Schedule


  • ARTICLE Martinmas – Advent fast
  • VIDEO November Month of All Souls
  • VIDEO Crisis Series #6 with Fr. Reuter: Liberal Catholics Don’t Exist
  • VIDEO Catholic Family News; Weekly News Roundup (Nov. 20, 2020)
  • VIDEO Exposing the Plots of the Deep Church: Interview with Julia Meloni on the St. Gallen Mafia
  • ARTICLE Rosary Guild taking orders…
  • ARTICLE How to pray the Rosary
  • VIDEO TR Media: Fr Anthony Cekada: 1968 Rite of Episcopal Consecration
  • VIDEO The Man Who Knew Communism Best | Bishop Fulton J.Sheen
  • ARTICLE Old Roman Catholicism in the history of the Church Chapter XIV
  • VIDEO Contra Mundum
  • VIDEO Old Romans Unscripted
  • VIDEO Late Night Catechism
  • VIDEO “Wondering bishop”
  • VIDEO Old Roman Vocations 
  • VIDEO Catholic Unscripted 

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