Metropolitan of Europe’s response to the election of Pope Francis



outlinehabit“Carissimi! Let us rejoice that the Holy Ghost has seen fit to inspire the Cardinal Electors to choose a man who has truly embraced and demonstrably lives the spirit of the evangelical counsels. A religious Pope, the first for many years and the first from Latin America! How providential that the new Pope of a relatively “new” religious order (i.e. the Jesuits), should follow in the footsteps of a Pope inspired by the founder of the Church’s “senior” religious order, Benedict (ref the Benedictines). How wonderful too that he should take the name of the most renowned exemplar of the missionary and evangelical life, St Francis, surely one of the most beloved of the Saints whose life still inspires so many around the world and who himself was the founder of a religious order. Taking the name of Francis seems to speak in so many ways to us regarding the nature and spirit of the Pontificate the new Pope might desire to lead; holiness, evangelisation, simplicity, humility and most of all, charity. Let us pray for him, for our new Chief Shepherd. Let us pray for the Church. Let us pray for one another. Let us pray that this Pontificate will be blessed with an increase in faith, hope and charity for the Church, building upon the foundation of the solid teaching and example of Pope Emeritus, Benedict XVI. ” 

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