Military Vicariate: Ordinary consecrated

fuccitileOn Sunday, 21 April 2013 in London, Ontario, Canada, His Eminence Archbishop Boniface Grosvold, Primate of the Old Roman Catholic Church Latin Rite (ORCC LR), consecrated to the holy Episcopate, the Most Reverend David Brian Fucci, Vicar Apostolic, having full ecclesiastical and legal jurisdiction over the Military Vicariate for the Old Roman Catholic Church. His Excellency, remains a military chaplain, as well as the Founder and Minister General of the Order of Friars Minor Conventual in the Old Roman Catholic Church. The Primate was assisted by His Excellency Bishop Benedict Gregory, OSB, Archbishop of Toronto, as co-consecrator. Clergy of the Military Vicariate were represented by the Vicar General, the Rt. Reverend Monsignor Joseph Thomas; witnesses included Canon Nioclás Kelly (Diocese of Kentucky ORCC LR).


A Military Vicariate is a canonical jurisdiction placed under the care of one who has spiritual responsibility for the military personnel in that jurisdiction. The Vicariate has jurisdiction over the military chaplains, personnel of the armed forces and their families. The Military Vicariate under Bishop Fucci was canonically erected in 2010 to serve military personnel serving in the USA armed services in Active, Reserve, National Guard and Veteran personnel. The Military Vicariate serves only those priests who belong to Old Roman Catholic jurisdictions that are in intercommunion with ORCC LR, and who are incardinated in the Military Vicariate. All priests incardinated in the Military Vicariate must remain in canonical residence with their Ordinary.

A wide range of chaplaincies are provided by the Vicariate including stational bases in the USA to wherever armed services personnel may be deployed in the world, as well as all institutional chaplaincies (Fire departments, hospitals, hospices, police departments, prisons (State and Federal) etc.

Please pray for His Excellency Bishop Fucci, the serving chaplains, the personnel and the families of the Old Roman Catholic Church Military Vicariate.
Effective April 23, 2013, His Excellency Bishop Fucci has appointed Rt. Reverend Monsignor Joseph Thomas as Vicar General of the Military Vicariate for the Old Roman Catholic Church, its Ecclesiastical Endorser and Canon Theologian.

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