Joint holy Synod

The Metropolitans in Walsingham, 2012

Their Graces, the Metropolitan Archbishops of Great Britain and Europe have issued a joint invitation to the clergy of both Provinces of the canonical Old Roman Catholic Church to a unique and historic holy Synod to be held in Brighton on July 5th 2014, the feast of St. Willibald. Also in attendance will be His Excellency, Bishop William Myers of the Old Roman Catholic Church in America and the bishops of the Provinces.

Holy Mass will be offered by Metropolitan Jerome OSJV at the commencement of the holy Synod at the Brighton Oratory, followed by lunch. Metropolitan Douglas will chair the holy Synod in session, during which significant proposals will be presented, discussed and voted upon to consolidate the witness of canonical Old Roman Catholicism and the legacy of Msgr Mathew for the 21st Century. The holy Synod will be the culmination of two years of discussions between the Metropolitans in consultation with their clergy respectively about the unity and effective witness of canonical Old Roman Catholicism formally begun by the signing of the “Walsingham Declaration” on a joint pilgrimage to “England’s Nazareth” in 2012. A similar pilgrimage ‘of thanksgiving’ to Walsingham is anticipated later in the year following the outcome of the holy Synod.

The Metropolitans thank all those clergy, faithful and friends of the church for their prayers and Masses these past two years, and beg ever more fervent prayers for the success of the holy Synod and the continued guidance and intercession of Our Lady of Walsingham.

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