Franciscan Profession

8869511_origChicago, USA: Congratulations to Br. Jamie (Alaniz) who was professed into simple vows in the Missionary Franciscans of Christ the King on February 8, 2015. His vows were received by Canon Kelly at St. Anne Old Roman Catholic Mission in Chicago.

The Missionary Franciscans of Christ the King were founded on the feast of the Baptism of Christ in 2004 by Bishop Raphael Adams and Father William Myers. The name Christ the King was chosen to emphasize that Christ is our King rather then the vanities and power structure sought by the world. The Missionary Franciscans are properly considered a third order. Although tied to the Old Roman Catholic Church in America, members may be from diverse backgrounds. However, it should be emphasized that the focus of the Missionary Franciscans of Christ the King, as a Catholic entity is the Eucharist.

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