African Church celebrates Ordination

His Excellency Archbishop Joannes-Mariae [Denis] Ngodobo is delighted to inform the wider communion of the Old Roman Catholic Church Latin Rite that he has ordained, Fr Ndongo Jean Audrey de Jesus (in religion, Jean-Marie of the Holy Rosary) to the sacred priesthood. Also in attendance was His Excellency, Msgr Martin William Obam Avella, auxillary bishop in the Archdiocese of Cameroon.  Fr Ndongo is a paediatrician in the Maternity department at the Chantal Biya Foundation in Yaounde, Cameroon [link]; he is assigned to the parish of St John the Evangelist (pictured), ORCC/LR’s largest parish in Cameroon.

Please pray for Fr Ndongo and his new ministry and for the people and clergy of the parish of St John the Evanglist, Yaounde.

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