The Province in Europe is divided into eight pastoral and administrative regions called “dioceses”. Each diocese consists of a group of countries closely linked by geography, history, culture and/or language; the local Church in each nation-state is constituted a Deanery [some countries may have more than one Deanery depending on size etc].

The highest decision making body in the Province is the Metropolitical Chapter consisting of the Bishops of the Province, Vicars General and other Ordinaries (religious superiors/Episcopal Vicars etc) and senior clergy appointed as “Canons”. Administratively, the Province has one Curia whose departments serve the Province as a whole, though served by officers from different dioceses. In turn, each diocese has its own Bishop or Ordinary and Presbyteral College and each Deanery a Synod consisting of both clergy and senior lay representatives.

The Deaneries consist of the parishes, missions and Mass centres existing within their borders. Where two local Churches may have existed historically and are reconciled within one country in the Province, they may yet operate as two Deaneries where this is desirable or most expedient. A Deanery may be led by an Episcopal Vicar – a senior cleric, sometimes in episcopal orders, who is delegated by the Diocesan with particular powers to govern and pastorally care for the Deanery.


Anatolia (Asia Minor)
Deaneries: Armenia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Turkey, Macedonia, Greece, Bulgaria, Moldova

Deaneries: England, Wales, Scotland, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland

Centrum Europa Australis (South Central Europe)
Deaneries: Austria, Switzerland, Italy, Sicily, Slovenia

Centrum Europa Borealis (North Central Europe)
Deaneries: Germany, Netherlands, Czech Republic, Poland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark

Deaneries: Belgium, France, Luxembourg

Haemus (South Eastern Europe)
Deaneries: Slovakia, Hungary, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Serbia, Bosnia, Herzegovina

Deaneries: Gibraltar, Portugal, Spain, Malta, Palma

Terra Mariana (North Eastern Europe)
Deaneries: Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland