From the Metropolitan Archbishop

The Province of Europe, Asia & Africa seeks to draw Old Roman Catholic jurisdictions into a mutual communion through the love of the Lord Jesus; to become together a single, visible communion able to interact, cooperate and collectively represent orthodox Old Roman Catholicism to other churches and the world. Through the accidents of history and human frailty and the ravages of time, Old Roman Catholic communities became disassociated from each other.

The Province of Europe is an opportunity to overcome the practicalities of distance and difference, embracing contemporary communication technologies to reconnect our dispersed brethren and attempt to rebuild the familial ties that ought to exist between brothers of the same inheritance, of the same faith and of the same mission. Thus together, to proclaim the Gospel of Salvation and preach the one holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith.

Bishops and churches in Europe, who have an historic connection to Old Roman Catholicism through verifiable Apostolic succession, and who have retained orthodoxy in faith and praxis, are cordially invited to contact the Curia to discuss intercommunion or union with the Old Roman Catholic Church and membership of / partnership with, the Province of Europe.

Similarly, we know that in Africa and Asia there exist ecclesial communities and Churches connected to us Apostolic lineage and derived from the missionary foresight and endeavours of Old Roman Catholic bishops and/or jurisdictions emanating  historically from America or Europe to these continents. We extend a most sincere and cordial invitation to such faith communities to join us or partner with us in the 21C revival of Old Roman Catholicism and reconnect with their origins.

We also invite any Catholic committed to orthodoxy in Apostolic doctrine and praxis to join us too. Though dispersed across continents we are willing to facilitate the reception of true and valid Sacraments and receipt of Apostolic doctrine to any and all who desire them as far as we are practically able to. Please don’t hesitate to contact us and let us know of your desire to become a part with us of the continuance, maintenance and furtherance of the true Catholic Faith into and beyond the 21C!

+Jerome OSJV
Metropolitan Archbishop of Selsey