Congregation of the Divine Charity

The purpose of the Congregation of the Divine Charity (CDC) is to regulate, facilitate and promote the religious life within the Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Communion. To this end, the CDC acts as a centre of focus, administration and governance that the clergy and faithful may have confidence in the discernment and governance of religious life and those societies of apostolic life which they may desire to join or form for the furtherance of the Faith, their personal sanctification and acts of collective piety, and in which to engage in common charitable works and collective acts of corporal mercy.

The Congregation of the Divine Charity is an extra-territorial jurisdiction within the Orthodox Old Roman Catholic Communion and its Servant Superior enjoys all the rights and privileges of an Ordinary with jurisdiction to incardinate clerics, exercise jurisdiction over its members and institutions, ordain (if he be in episcopal Orders) or have men ordained (by another bishop at his invitation and direction) to the Sacred Ministry and has membership of the Episcopal College (whether he be a bishop or no), and is entitled to attend the Provincial Synod of any Province of the Communion with the same rights as a Diocesan Ordinary of that Province if there be members of the CDC in that Province.

All Religious whether Regular, Tertiary or of Confraternities or members of Institutes or Societies of Apostolic Life are directly under the ordinary jurisdiction of the Congregation of the Divine Charity (CDC) and the Servant Superior of the CDC from the moment of the acceptance of their Postlancy or Membership and are exempt from all particular law which may in the future be promulgated by any Ordinary or other prelate having local jurisdiction. Each Diocese which has Religious shall have two members of the Diocesan Chapter who are representative of the CDC.